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SPIRENT Positioning & Navigation Test Systems


Spirent offers a wide range of test systems and capabilities to meet your Multi-GNSS ( GPS & SBAS / GLONASS / GALILEO / BEIDOU / QZSS / IRNSS / CAPS )  test needs. All Multi-GNSS systems are designed with future development in mind and are expandable to address tomorrow’s test requirements as well as today’s. Whether you are undertaking R&D performance testing, integrating devices into your product line, verifying performance or assessing manufacture of Multi-GNSS devices, Spirent has a Multi-GNSS test system available today to match your needs.



GSS9000 [Datasheets]

All GPS/GNSS signal simulator for product design verification and R&D simulation

·         Up to 10 separate RF carriers/Constellations per chassis, supports GPS/SBAS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS, IRNSS & CAPS

·         One or two RF outputs per chassis at 1KHz Simulation Iteration Rate (SIR) and Hardware Update Rate (HUR) 

·         160 channels plus 640 embedded multipath channels across 10 independent frequencies in one chassis

·         Options for inertial sensor output emulation

·         Comprehensive build in modeling of spacecraft, aircraft, ship and land vehicle.

·         Works with Spirent flagship SimGEN software suite



GSS7765 [Datasheets]

The GSS7765 Interference Simulation System, when combined with one of Spirent’s GNSS satellite constellation simulators, offers a comprehensive solution for testing satellite navigation equipment in the presence of intentional or unintentional RF interference.

·         Up to 4 fully independent interference sources supported

·         Interference frequency range from 500MHZ to 2GHz, modulation type, CW, Step-CW, AM, FM, Pulse, Noise



GSS6700 [Datasheets]

12 channel simulator for production, product/design verification, R&D testing

·         Supports GPS/SBAS L1, GLONASS L1, Galileo E1, Compass(Beidou) B1, QZSS L1 with 12 independent channels of each constellation

·         Supplied with 3 different software package SimREPLAY, SimREPLAYplus or SimGEN

·         Supports SimAUTO (only with SimGEN software package)

·         Supports SimSENSOR (only with SimREPLAYplus or SimGEN software package




GSS6300M [Datasheets]

The GSS6300M is a multi-channel GNSS simulator for production testing and

receiver integration. Its can simulate L1/E1/B1/E1 signals from GPS/SBAS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo to test the fundamental positioning capabilities of any GNSS device.

·         Simulates 4/8 satellites per constellation

·         Simulate 3D position & time from GPS/SBAS, GLONASS, Beidou & Galileo constellations 

·         Supports motions simulation from NMEA or SimROUTE

·         IEEE-488, USB or RS-232 control interfaces



GSS6300 [Datasheets]

Single channel simulator for production testing, capable of simulating 1 satellite each

·         GPS L1 C/A Code or SBAS L1 C/A Code

·         GLONASS L1

·         Beidou B1

·         Galileo E1 Open Service


GSS6425 [Datasheets]

The GSS6425 is a multi-constellation Recorder & Playback System. It is capable of recording complete GNSS signals in the L1, L2 & L5 altogether.

·         Self-contained with battery, keypads, display, hard drive and CPU

·         Supported frequencies: GPS - L1,L2,L5, Galileo - E1, E5a\b, GLONASS - L1, L2, L3, Beidou - B1, B2, QZSS - L1, L2 and SBAS

·         2 bit quantization

·         OCXO for record & playback



GSS6400 [Datasheets]

The GSS6400 Record Playback System (RPS) from Spirent is a simple and efficient way to capture real world GNSS signals and replay them in the laboratory.

·         Self-contained with battery, keypads, display, hard drive and CPU

·         Portable, weights 1.75Kg

Records & playback GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO live sky signals


GSS5700 [Datasheets] 

The GSS5700 is an WiFi access point simulator. It enables lab-based testing of the latest Wi-Fi positioning technology. The GSS5700 can work as a stand-alone test instrument, or in conjunction with Spirent’s GPS/GNSS and automated location test products.

·         Supports 802.11 b/g

·         CCK, OFDM (for Probe Request/Response protocol) BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM and 64-QAM (for data port AP)

·         Expandable up to 24 AP in a single chassis, able to cascade multi- box  to provide up to 48 AP.

·         Works with Spirent’s flagship SimGEN software suite



GSS5300 [Datasheets] 

The GSS5300 Multi-RF Generator is designed specifically for simultaneous

functional, non-parametric test of multiple integrated wireless communications solutions in the production environment.

·         Supports WiFi  a/b/g/n

·         Supports Bluetooth 4.0

·         Supports FM Radio (Tx & Rx)

·         NFC

This product is available in single port or dual port. Can cascade with GSS6300/M or GSS6700 to provide GPS/GNSS test capability.



SimSENSOR [Datasheets]

SimSENSOR extends the capabilities of these Multi-GNSS simulators by simulating MEMS sensor outputs on a common trajectory with the simulated GNSS RF signals. The simulated MEMSs sensor outputs include user control of representative noise and errors (bias/drift).

Supported sensors are: Accelerometers, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Digital compass, Barometric height sensor


This software package operates with Spirent’s flagship SimGEN software suite.

SimSAFE [Datasheets]

SimSAFE is GPS/GNSS spoofing test solution. It uses GSS9000 or GSS8000 with SimGEN software suite to provide a realistic laboratory based spoofing test-bed. The system provides a legitimate test signal and spoofing attack signal for testing of receiver vulnerability and counter measures to spoofing attack.


This software package operates with Spirent’s flagship SimGEN software suite.

SimAUTO [Datasheets]

SimAUTO is a powerful upgrade for Spirent’s multi-channel simulators to provide lab test support for today’s multi-sensor In-Vehicle Navigation Systems (IVNS). It allows development and testing of automotive Dead Reckoning GPS receiver platform. SimAUTO is added on the SimGEN to emulate a vehicles wheel tick and output of a gyrosensor.

Test Drive GNSS [Datasheets]

TestDrive-GNSS is a automation and reporting software for Spirent’s range of GNSS simulator products. TestDrive GNSS provides an integrated test solution that enables automated performance characterisation of GNSS devices.

It may be used for product development, design verification, quality assurance, product evaluation, interoperability test and certification testing.


SimROUTE™ is an on-line tool which creates a Spirent-formatted User Motion File (*.umt) from a Google Maps defined route. SimROUTE™ is built upon a Google Maps Application Programming Interface (API) and as such shares many similarities with the standard Google Maps interface. The generated User Motion File can then be used in any SimGEN, SimREPLAYplus, scenario to provide the motion trajectory for the simulated vehicle.



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