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Engineering Services


Expedient Tech offers both design and prototyping services. Our professional expertise and know-how will provide unparalleled quality design. This includes electronic circuits, printed circuit boards, complete electronic product which are custom designed according to your requirement.


Our main focus are in the defence, industrial control and automotive sector. A short list of our capabilities and services are as follows:


Engineering Capabilities


ˇ         Analogue and Digital communication circuits.

ˇ         Radio Frequency circuit design, experienced in digital radio transceiver design.

ˇ         Embedded system design, experienced with major supplier of MCU and ARM processors.

ˇ         Internet protocol


Engineering Services


ˇ         We undertake turn-key projects, where we design to meet your application and supply the finished product to meet your requirement.  Service include custom design your electronics from conception to completion including prototyping & volume production.

ˇ         Project management service, overseeing PCB assembly and testing, plastic tooling and chassis fabrication, if any.








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